Fall is the season homeowners tend to turn their attention to preparing their homes for cold weather in earnest. Want a way to up your home comfort and efficiency game? Have a stylish and beautifully functional gas insert retrofitted into your existing fireplace.

What Are the Benefits of Gas Inserts?

Gas fireplace inserts have grown in popularity, and it’s not difficult to understand why. They offer numerous advantages, such as:

  • a gas fireplace in white-framed fireplace in a living roomEfficiency. Gas inserts are designed to run with extremely high efficiency. The effect of this is that a significant portion of the heat generated is effectively transferred into your living space with little loss, resulting in greater heat output and lower heating bills. If you haven’t explored your options lately, look again – gas brings the warmth in a big (and economical) way.
  • Convenience. Chopping firewood, stacking firewood, rotating firewood, hauling firewood, igniting and feeding the fire… you get the idea. While traditional fireplaces are charming, they aren’t exactly low maintenance. With a gas insert, the flip of a switch or push of a button results in a steady, controlled blaze – no messing with kindling or ashes involved.
  • Clean Burning. One of the benefits of efficiency is a good, clean burn. Gas inserts produce minimal environmentally-unfriendly emissions and pollutants.
  • Customization. Gas inserts come in various styles and designs to complement any home decor, whether sleek and modern or rustic and traditional. You can choose from a number of realistic log sets and flame patterns, and inserts come with a variety of features as well. All of this gives you a strong measure of control over the use of your fireplace insert and the ambiance it creates.

Is It Difficult To Convert Your Fireplace to a Gas Insert?

Believe it or not, transitioning to a gas insert isn’t an overwhelming process. Our experts are knowledgeable, professional, and thoroughly trained to help you understand the possibilities and bring them to life in your own home. The first step in the process? Giving us a call or stopping by our showroom. From there, our pros will consider your space, budget, and wishes, and recommend the right size and types of insert for your needs.

Once you’ve selected your insert, a certified technician will install it into your existing fireplace. Typically, this involves venting the insert, installing (or if needed, connecting) the gas line, ensuring proper ventilation, and inspecting for safety.

Is It Cheaper To Run a Gas Fireplace Than a Furnace?

There are factors that will influence the cost of operating a gas insert: local gas prices, your insert’s efficiency rating, weather and insulation, and the amount of use.

However, gas inserts tend to operate much more cost effectively than traditional furnaces, as well as wood-burning fireplaces, due to their higher efficiency.

The convenience of running a gas insert also helps give you more control over your energy consumption.

How Do You Maintain a Gas Fireplace Insert?

close up view of flames from gas logsWhile gas inserts require less maintenance than wood-burning fireplaces or inserts, they aren’t maintenance-free. Regular professional upkeep is essential to keeping things running safely, efficiently, and all-around at the top of their game.

An annual inspection performed by a reputable, qualified technician provides the occasion to have your system checking for any issues such as faulty components, gas leaks, or venting problems. You’ll also want to make sure your system remains clean.

One more note: It may sound like a Halloween nightmare, but let fall remind you that spiders are actually attracted to propane and natural gas and can build webs around your gas ports and vents. Unattended, these and similar debris can affect system operation and cause sooting, even leading to excess fuel burning. Regular maintenance will keep such issues at bay.

Can I Install a Gas Insert Myself?

While the occasional homeowner may possess the skills to install a gas insert his or herself, this isn’t a DIY job as a rule. It’s important to hire an experienced, certified professional for installation. Gas work can be dangerous, and improper installation can result in safety hazards, gas leaks, or lack of compliance with local codes and regulations.

A professional installation helps ensure that your unit will be in place properly, safely, and smoothly. It’ll also give you the peace of mind that if there are any hiccups, your pro will recognize, identify, and know how to remedy them.

Making the Transformation: Count On Us

Switching to a gas insert can transform your home into a cozy, efficient, and low-maintenance haven to enjoy this burning season. The benefits of a gas insert make them an attractive option, and with our friendly, experienced service you’ll find the switch can be a pretty hassle free experience.

More questions? We’re just a phone call or quick click away. With over three decades of experience, a commitment to service customers with integrity, and a reputation for quality work, you can trust that we’ll put your needs first and complete our work with excellence.

Reach out today and learn what an upgrade can bring into your living space.