Create an Unforgettable Fireside Experience With Our Fire Glass & Media

Fire glass beads and other media always impress with their luminous glow and reflective qualities. You, your family, and your guests will love watching flames dance among these beautiful and colorful pieces.

We’ve Got Beautiful Options

Premium Fire Glass

Our premium fire glass comes in both ½” and ¼” pieces and is available in a wide range of colors, including gray, copper, cobalt blue, gold, evergreen, and more. These are sold in 10 lb. tubs – order yours today!

Fire Beads

Our fire beads collection comes in a range of vibrant colors, such as glacier ice, royal blue, emerald green, sangria, and more. All pieces are relatively uniform in size and approximately ½” wide. These are sold in 10 lb. tubs.

Zircon Fire Glass

Known for its semi-reflective quality, zircon fire glass is sure to improve the ambiance of any fire. These are similar to fire beads, but are shaped more like diamonds. Enjoy bright colors like ruby red, powder blue, and more.


Order With Us Today

Give us a call to inquire about your new fire glass or beads. We’d love to help you get that perfect fireplace look you deserve. Dial 585-638-0300 or reach out online today.

Maybe your outdoor living space won’t seem complete without a freestanding grill for entertaining…we’ve got you covered!