Penfield Residents Know to Trust Big Ash Fireplace & Stoves With Their Masonry Services

Masonry problems in Penfield, East Rochester, Fairport, East Penfield, Pittsford, Cobbs Hill, Hannans Corner, Twelve Corners, Bushnell Basin, Greece, Henrietta, Medina, Bay View, West Webster, or anywhere else nearby? Our team can restore your chimney so it looks great and functions well for the long haul.

We handle a range of masonry services, like crown repairs, tuckpointing, and more. No matter what type of damage your system is facing, we’re confident that our experienced and dedicated crew can handle it all.

Why Should Tuckpointing Be Professionally Done?

  • It can be challenging to match up colors. You want your new mortar to match the old seamlessly. We’ve tuckpointed chimneys that were built decades ago, and it takes time and patience to ensure new mortar will match a mortar that was applied so long ago.
  • Matching composition is imperative for structural soundness. This isn’t a job for some basic, store-bought caulk. Matching the makeup of the old mortar to the new is a must for ensuring long-lasting, durable results.
  • There’s a method that should be followed. Mortar plays a big part in determining how the weight of the chimney is distributed. If you remove or add mortar is a way that isn’t correct, you could just be making damages throughout your system far worse.
  • It’s time-consuming. Scraping out and replacing mortar takes some time, but professionals know how to do the job efficiently and timely – without cutting corners in the process.

Leave it to us. If you live on or near Penfield Road, Peachtree Road, High School Drive, Highland Drive, Motts Lane, Five Mile Line Road, Harmon Road, Prospect Street, Woodside Drive, Cobbles Drive, Washington Street, Whitney Road, Highledge Drive, Hillcrest Drive, or Woodline Drive, we’d be happy to help you out soon.

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