Searching for a Quality Wood Stove, Gas Stove, or Pellet Stove in Orleans or Monroe County? We’ve Got You Covered

There are countless advantages to investing in a new pellet, gas, or wood stove for your Rochester home:

  • They project a lot of heat and are more efficient than a classic fireplace.
  • They’re typically a lower-maintenance option, compared to fireplaces and inserts.
  • They don’t require an existing fireplace or chimney.
  • They come in a range of sizes and styles.
  • They come with glass doors that offer quality protection to your home and family.

If a stove sounds like the right investment for your home, rely on us. We bring quality results when you’re searching for “fireplace stoves near me.”

Which Fuel Should I Choose?

Wood Stove

Do you love the authentic smells and crackling sounds of burning wood? If that sounds idyllic to you, a wood-burning stove would probably be your go-to. That said, some fail to recognize the work involved with hauling (and storing) wood, making sure the wood is seasoned, and the skill required to build and maintain fires.

Basically, a wood stove is great, but it’s important to ensure you know what you’re doing and that you have the time to invest in the entire process – including any cleanup (think ash piles, wood chips, etc.) – before purchasing one. Made your decision? We’re the go-to crew for Rochester wood stove options.

Endeavor Wood Stove
Pellet Stove

Pellet Stove

If you’d like something just as cozy as a wood stove, but a little less involved, a pellet stove option might be a good route. Pellets are easy to store, and their systems require much less maintenance than a wood option.

Just fill the hopper, and you’re pretty much good to go! The pellets will then automatically disperse throughout the night. You’ll still get that authentic burn, just without as much hassle. Our Rochester pellet stove options are sure to satisfy.

Gas Stove

And if you’d prefer a fireplace stove that you can just turn on and enjoy? We’ve got you covered there too. Our gas stove models look great, run efficiently, and all it takes is a flip of a switch to get a beautiful fire.

Gas stoves are ideal for those with busier lifestyles, who don’t want to deal with storing/seasoning wood, scooping ash, building and stoking fires, and all of the mess that comes with burning logs. They’re cleaner, look sleek and modern, and are super easy to operate – that’s hard to beat. For the best Rochester gas stove sales, turn to us.

Northfield Gas Stove

With Us, You’ve Got Options

Traditional or modern? Gas or wood? Bigger or more compact? No matter your vision, you’ve got options when you work with us. And we’d be happy to help with the installation process too.

Get your journey started by stopping by our showroom, calling us at 585-638-0300, or reaching out online today.


Inserts are a great option if you already have a fireplace but want to improve its efficiency. That’s one of the reasons we offer fireplaces, stoves, and inserts.