Looking for a New Wood Appliance in Holley? Big Ash Fireplace & Stoves Has Got You Covered

Is wood your preferred fuel? We can help! If you live in Holley, Bennetts Corners, Hulberton, Clarendon, Murray, Redman Corners, Fancher, Manning, Brockville, Hinsburg, Brockport, Clarkson, Spencerport, Rochester, or any of the cities surrounding, reach out now.

When operating a fireplace or heating appliance, there are countless benefits to using wood as your fuel source. First and foremost, they’re definitely the more traditional route, producing those pleasant smells and crackles that are hard to replicate.

On top of that, they offer advantages, like:

  • Wood is an affordable and renewable resource. 
  • Burning wood is known for being eco-friendly
  • Wood systems provide heat and light even when the power’s out.
  • You can easily zone heat and lower your home’s energy bills.

If wood is the right fuel choice for you, we’d be happy to set you up with the perfect system.

Choose Your New Fireplace, Stove, or Insert Today

So, which wood system is right for you?

Wood Stoves

Wood stoves are known for their great output and more flexible placement options. You don’t need to have a chimney already in place, and you can choose from a range of size, color, and design options, ensuring you get the exact right fit for your unique space.

Wood Fireplaces

If you don’t have a system installed at all, and you have a vision of a classic wood fireplace in your home, we can help you out with that too. Whether you need one built in or need an existing system revamped, we have the tools and training to get the job done right.

Wood Inserts

Already have a wood fireplace, but keep finding yourself disappointed with a lack of strong, reliable heat? Wood fireplaces are, unfortunately, known for letting a lot of heat escape up the chimney. An insert provides a great solution, allowing you to keep the same fuel type and overall setup, while improving efficiency significantly.

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