Invest in a Wood Fireplace To Add a Classic, Timeless Ambiance to Your Home

The snaps and crackles of burning logs is music to many homeowners’ ears. We’ve got great wood-burning fireplace options, and we can install them for you too. Trust the preferred Rochester fireplace store for all of your chimney and fireplace needs!

Are Wood Fireplaces Efficient?

If fireplace efficiency is your top priority when picking a new heating appliance, wood fireplaces may not be the best route. They are generally considered less energy-efficient compared to other fuel options, such as gas or electric. Here are some things we suggest keeping in mind:

  • Wood-burning fireplaces often have lower efficiency in transferring heat into the living space compared to other heating methods.
  • A significant amount of heat can be lost up the chimney, especially if the fireplace is not equipped with modern heating technology.
  • The combustion process in wood-burning fireplaces can be less efficient than in other heating systems.
  • Incomplete combustion may lead to the release of pollutants and particulate matter into the air, affecting indoor air quality.
  • The efficiency of a wood fireplace depends on the type and quality of wood used (well-seasoned hardwoods generally burn more efficiently than softwoods or green, unseasoned wood).
  • Wood fireplaces generally lack the precision control over heat output, and it can be challenging to adjust the heat quickly.
  • While wood is a renewable resource, emissions from wood-burning can contribute to air pollution.

All that said, modern options can do an effective job at heating your space, and despite the above considerations, many people appreciate the ambiance and aesthetic appeal of a wood-burning fireplace. To enhance the efficiency of a wood fireplace, some homeowners install wood inserts or wood stoves designed to improve heat transfer and combustion efficiency.

Finally, regular maintenance, proper wood selection, and responsible burning practices will contribute to a more efficient and environmentally-friendly wood fireplace experience.

How Do I Maintain a Wood Fireplace?

  • Regular Remove Ashes: Allow the ashes to cool, then use a fireplace shovel to scoop them into a metal ash bucket. Dispose of the ashes in a non-combustible container and store them away from your home, as they can remain hot for days.
  • Clean the Firebox: Using a stiff brush, sweep the firebox to remove any loose debris, ash, and soot. Make sure the fireplace is completely cool before performing this task.
  • Invest in Professional Chimney Maintenance: Have a professional chimney sweep inspect and clean the chimney at least once a year. We can check for creosote buildup, obstructions, and any damage to the chimney liner.
  • Check for Cracks and Damage: Check for any cracks or damage in the bricks and mortar, and have a professional repair any issues promptly to prevent further deterioration.
  • Monitor Wood Quality: Only burn only well-seasoned hardwoods in your fireplace to reduce creosote buildup and improve combustion efficiency. Seasoned wood has been dried for at least six months to a year.
  • Follow Proper Burning Practices: Avoid burning paper, cardboard, or treated wood, as these can release harmful chemicals and contribute to creosote buildup.
  • Install Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Given that wood-burning fireplaces produce smoke and carbon monoxide, it’s essential to have appropriate detectors installed in your home. Check their batteries regularly.

Don’t Forget to Schedule Professional Chimney Maintenance

No matter which fuel type you invest in, your system is going to need annual fireplace inspections. And if it is wood you go with, regular chimney sweep services will be a must too. We can help with all of this and more.

Reach out online, visit our showroom, or simply give us a call at 585-638-0300 today. We’d be happy to help you every step of the way.


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