Gas Fireplace Insert: Upgrade to a More Efficient Fireplace

Converting from wood to gas is easier than ever with a gas fireplace insert. Or, if your gas fireplace isn’t running as efficiently as you’d like, an upgrade to an insert may be your best option.

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Can a Gas Fireplace Insert Be Installed in a Wood Fireplace?

You bet! In fact, this is a common route for homeowners to take when they want to upgrade their fireplace to something more efficient and convenient to use.

That said, you’ll definitely want to work with a professional for your gas fireplace insert installation. Ensuring that the insert is appropriately sized for the existing fireplace is imperative for getting the most from it. A professional can also determine the appropriate venting requirements for your specific gas insert. (Some inserts use the existing chimney, while others may require a new venting system.)

Do you have a gas line already? If not, having a qualified tech install a gas line is another step you may need to think.

Then, all that’s left is inserting the unit into your firebox opening, securing it in place, and connecting the venting system.

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How Efficient Are Gas Fireplace Inserts?

Gas fireplace inserts are considered highly efficient, especially in terms of zone heating. They allow homeowners to heat specific areas of the house, reducing the need to heat the entire home (and upping energy bills in the process).

That said, the efficiency of your gas fireplace insert can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of insert, the design, and the specific model. But no worries – gas fireplace inserts usually come with efficiency ratings, typically expressed as a percentage, that makes narrowing things down easier. The rating represents how much of the fuel’s energy is converted into heat. High-efficiency models can have ratings ranging from 70% to over 90%.

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Another insert option is a wood insert that offers all the ambiance of a wood fireplace with more efficiency.

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