Customize Your Hearth With Quality Fireplace Accessories

Is your fireplace missing those perfect final touches? Wondering where to buy fireplace accessories in the Rochester, NY area? Turn to the best fireplace and hearth store around – Big Ash. We’ve got thermometers, fans, ash buckets, and more – everything you need to use your system with ease and peace of mind.

What Are Your Fireplace Accessory Options?

There’s no denying that fireplace accessories can enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your fireplace. So, what are your options? And how do you choose what’s best for your needs?

  • Fireplace Tools: A fireplace poker, shover, firebox broom, or even fireplace tongs can make your entire fireplace experience both safer and more functional.
  • Fireplace Screens: Whether you need mesh screens or glass screens, either can provide protection against sparks and embers, while enhancing the overall look of your fireplace at the same time.
  • Log Holders & Carriers: Have a wood fireplace and need to keep your fuel accessible and within reach? Look for unique storage options, as well as carries for getting your logs there.
  • Ash Buckets & Containers: Cleaning ash out of your fireplace regularly is important, but you want to do it safely to avoid burns or fires. Our tools can help.
  • Fireplace Tool Sets: Looking for a few different tools? Combining various pieces into one coordinated design for a unified look that looks great next to your hearth.
  • Fireplace & Stove Thermometers: Some people like to know exactly where their heating appliance stands. Thermometers can ensure just that.
  • Fireplace Fan: A fireplace fan can ensure more heat goes into your living space – right where you want it.

We’re a Full-Service Chimney Company – Here to Help With It All

From installation services to annual inspections to changeouts and more, there’s not much our experienced and qualified crew can’t handle.

Give us a call at 585-638-0300 or reach out to us online to get started. And don’t forget to swing by our showroom too – there are lots of great products to see.


Going with gas for your fireplace is a great, no-fuss option that will provide hours of enjoyment to your home and life.