Buildup in Your Flue in Rochester? Book Your Chimney Sweeping With Us

Why are the chimney sweep services we provide to the Rochester area so important? There are lots of ways buildup in your fireplace flue can create problems for your household. One of the biggest threats is creosote deposits that form in wood-burning systems. That said, gas-fueled appliances can become backed up with animals nesting materials, leaves, and outside debris too.

Because of this, booking regular chimney cleanings or sweepings should always be a part of your chimney care plan – and hiring a team of experts you can trust to do the job thoroughly is imperative. Trust the preferred chimney sweep company in the Rochester area for it all – that’s us! Call or book online today.

Your Rochester Chimney Sweep Experts: We’re Certified & Make Education a Priority

When you call in our team for your chimney and fireplace services, one thing’s for certain – you’ll be taken care of. We hold certifications with the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), the National Fireplace Institute (NFI), and the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG), so rest assured, we know our stuff.

On top of that, as a family-owned business, we take pride in offering fair assessments and remaining honest with our customer base. We value the communities we serve, and we approach every customer with care and consideration, keeping your budget, preferences, and unique needs in mind through it all.

Stock photo of a chimney on a roof top with a dormer and arched window.

What Is Creosote? Is It Dangerous?

Creosote is a byproduct of burning wood. It forms as the smoke and vapors from your fire move up the chimney, then cool and condense at the top of it. The end result is a brown or black substance that clings to your chimney’s interior walls. This invites a few different problems.

  1. Creosote deposits can trigger chimney fires. If you have too much creosote in your flue, it can ignite and cause a chimney fire. It’s highly flammable, especially if it’s given the opportunity to accumulate and harden – which is why clearing it on a regular basis is imperative to the health of your system.
  2. Creosote can clog your flue. Buildup of any kind in your flue will inhibit airflow, which both decreases efficiency and increases the likelihood of smoke and carbon monoxide entering your living space. As your wall of creosote thickens, it will create more and more problems for draft and airflow – the sooner it’s cleared out, the better.
  3. Creosote can break down your system. Creosote is naturally corrosive, and it can cause damage to your chimney liner, chimney components, and more. As these break down, using your fireplace becomes more risky – and eventually you could invite toxic gases or fire hazards into your home.

Long story short – while you can’t avoid creosote altogether, ensuring it’s regularly cleared out by a certified professional is a must.

Don’t Put Off the Quality Services You Deserve

You deserve the best when it comes to keeping your home appliances in tip-top shape. We’re here to provide just that. Get a hold of us now by calling 685-638-0300 or by reaching out online to request an appointment. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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