Want More Heat & Efficiency for Your Home in Orleans or Monroe County? Invest in a New Fireplace Insert From Us

Many Rochester homeowners nowadays are opting for fireplace inserts as they realize their many benefits. If you’re looking to update your space, but don’t want to shell out the big bucks to do it, an insert may be the best option for you. Now, if you’re like most, you’ve typed “fireplace insert near me” into your preferred search engine, which is likely what lead you here. Great! But…now what?

Well, now you let us help. We’ll help you find the best wood fireplace insert, gas fireplace insert, pellet fireplace insert, or electric fireplace insert for your Rochester home. Call or book online now to get started.

Why Switch to a Fireplace Insert?

1. It makes it easy to convert fuels. Do you have a wood-burning fireplace and are finding it hard to keep up with the maintenance involved? Adding a gas insert is an easy way to maintain your fireplace’s look and feel, while making it easier to put to use.

2. They’re much more efficient. Want to keep your fuel type the same, while still gaining more heat and efficiency? Inserts are insulated and enclosed, so achieving this won’t be a problem.

3. They’re more eco-friendly. Modern inserts are designed to meet the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ensuring you get more from your system, without leaving behind a huge carbon footprint.

Medium Flush Wood Burning Insert

4. They typically require less maintenance. Because they burn cleaner and more efficiently, inserts don’t typically require as much maintenance or upkeep as a fireplace. That said, this doesn’t mean you can skimp on professional inspections – be sure to schedule them annually.

5. Personalizing isn’t a problem. Inserts can do a lot to improve the look of your fireplace setup, just without all the work and cost involved with a total remodel. If you need an upgrade, but don’t want to spend lots of money (or time) on it, an insert is a great option.

Gas, Wood, Electric, or Pellet?

  • Gas Fireplace Insert: Gas inserts are ideal for those who want the warmth and cozy aesthetic a fireplace has to offer, just without having to store wood, light and stoke a fire, and worry about scooping an ash pile afterward. Just flip a switch or press a button and you’ve got consistent heat. Our Rochester gas fireplace inserts are known for their efficiency, convenience, and beauty. 
  • Wood Fireplace Insert: If you want the authenticity, smells, crackles, and ambiance of burning wood, we’ve got options. Wood inserts are great for turning your current fireplace into something more efficient. You’ll get more heat, without losing out on that classic, traditional feel you’ve grown to love with our Rochester wood fireplace inserts.
  • Pellet Fireplace Insert: Want something that’s easier to operate than a wood-burning system, but don’t want to completely convert to gas? Pellet systems are a good in-between. They come with a hopper that automatically dispenses the pellets, so it’s less work than a wood-burning unit – but you’ll still get that authentic, good-smelling burn. Check out our Rochester pellet fireplace insert options.
  • Electric Fireplace Insert: Need something that is easy to operate, doesn’t require a chimney, and the only “fuel” you need is an outlet? We’ve got electric fireplaces that check all of these boxes. Get the efficient, consistent heat you deserve by exploring your Rochester electric fireplace insert options with us today.

Get Your Fireplace Journey Started

Have you been wanting to improve your fireplace game for awhile? It’s time to stop putting it off. Work with our experts – we’ll get you right where you want to be.

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Having a fireplace will provide hours of enjoyment as well as increasing the appeal and value of your home. Our experts will be happy to tell you about all our fireplace, stove, and insert options today.

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