Chimney Masonry Repair: Is Your Chimney Masonry Worn Down & Deteriorated? Turn to Us

Missing bricks, flaking mortar, cracks in your chimney crown… all of these things not only look unsightly, but can greatly hinder your system’s performance too. But before you tire your fingers typing “masonry services near me” or “masonry repairs near Rochester,” take a step back and give our trained and qualified experts a call first – we’re here to resolve your masonry-related woes.

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We Offer Chimney Masonry Tuckpointing

Masonry tuckpointing is the process of removing your damaged and crumbling mortar, then filling in the space with new mortar. This can be a time-consuming and intricate process and, if not done correctly, you could be left with mismatched mortar joints that are weak in composition.

A lot of the chimneys we work on are decades old, which means matching things up correctly takes some skill and effort. But it’s nothing we can’t handle.

We can also restore and replace your brickwork. Damaged or missing bricks can lead to major (and potentially hazardous) issues down the line, but we can get your system back to normal, ensuring it looks great and functions well for the long haul.

Rely On Us for Chimney Crown Repairs

The chimney crown on a masonry chimney plays a vital role in both preventing interior buildup and keeping water away from the sides of the structure. Unfortunately, not all crowns of the past were built with the tools and knowledge we have today. Masons would often construct these components from a basic mortar mix. Which works fine for a bit… but not for long.

Our experts are equipped to restore your masonry crown using a cement-based mixture, ensuring it is able to withstand all types of bad weather, animal tampering, and more.

Stock photo of a tall masonry chimney outside of board and batten home.

…Anything Else?

What else does your system need? We’re here to resolve all of your masonry-related issues and more. Need an inspection? Book with us. Creosote buildup putting you at risk? Call us in for a sweeping. Need installation services? We’ve got it covered. We want to be your trusted team for it all.

We’re Ready for Your Call

Don’t put up with damaged masonry any longer. Call our professionals today at 585-638-0300, or you can reach out to us online to start your appointment. Thanks for making us your top choice for all of your chimney and fireplace needs.


We recommend you schedule an annual chimney inspection to assure you of safe chimney use. You can rely on our years of experience in providing chimney, fireplace, and appliance services.