Lopi Endeavor NexGen-Fyre

Lopi Endeavor NexGen-Fyre

EPA 2020 Approved
Featuring our advanced NexGen-Fyre™ technology, a new ash pan, and larger door & viewing area.

NEXGEN-FYRE™: NexGen-Fyre™ takes our non-catalytic wood burning technology to the next level! With NexGen-Fyre™, primary and secondary combustion are harnessed to create the ultimate blended combustion system that produces beautiful, balanced fires with double the BTU range, up to 50% greater heat output, and longer burn times than any other noncatalytic technology on the market! Your customers will be able to see and feel the difference!

Features Your Customers Will Love: – Advanced NexGen-Fyre™ non-catalytic wood burning technology produces beautiful, balanced fires with greater heat output and longer burn times – Huge glass viewing area (165 square inches) – Elegant door design & sleek handle with roller bearing catch assembly – Ash pan for simple clean up  – Bypass damper allows for smoke-free startups and easy reloading  – Easy-to-use single air control regulates burns and heat output  – 2.5 cubic foot firebox holds logs up to 18 inches long 
– Up to 10 hour burn times – Heavy duty, high quality construction  – 2020 EPA-Certified & cord wood tested  – Alcove & mobile home approved 

Specifications: – Heating capacity: up to 2,000 square feet – EPA tested BTUs (cord wood): 15,435 – 67,090 – Maximum burn time: up to 10 hours  – Firebox size: 2.5 cubic feet – Maximum log size: 18 inches – Ceramic glass viewing area: 165 square inches  – Emissions: 1.4 grams per hour – Efficiency: up to 74.2% HHV – Weight: 448 pounds 

Accessories: – 400 CFM convection fan  – GreenStart™ Igniter  – Outside Air Kit