Lopi – AGP (All Grade Pellet)

Lopi - AGP (All Grade Pellet)

AGP (All Grade Pellet) Hopper capacity:80 lbs. Heating capacity: 800 to 2,000 Sq. Ft. Burn times: 57 hours on low 16 hours on high Turn down ratio: 72% BTU/Hour range:Low-11,480 High-41,000 Burn rate per hour: 1.4lbs on low 5 lbs. on high Glass area: 127 Sq. In. This is the pellet stove for you if you want easy to operate and good looks. the AGP fetures a HRD (horizontal rotary disk) feed system that never allows a direct line of fuel to fire! This stove delivers esthetically pleasing view since the glass stays cleaner then any other stove. Available in Panels of Black or Rust Patina.