Leisure Line – Pocono

Leisure Line - Pocono

Specs: 5,000 – 110,000 BTU Input
Height: 47”
Depth: 33”
Width: 24”
Hopper Capacity: 200 lbs
Dual 265 CFM blowers
6” Top Vent Flue
Weight: 300 lbs

The Pocono, specially engineered for the cold winters in the Pennsylvania Mountains. This basement unit was built with the homeowner in mind. Extra thought was given when designing this unit to hold 200 lbs of rice coal for extended periods of hard burning. Heavy gauge galvanized steel is used in the construction of the large ash tub. The body of the unit is manufactured from durable 12-gauge steel to radiate the heat being produced by the 110,000 BTU burner. Large dual blowers built into the double wall air shroud will wash the stove clean of heat so no hot spots exist on this unit. Digital, programmable Coal-trol thermostat standard.