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Gas Stoves
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Northfield Gas Stove
The Northfield™ cast iron gas stove's  classical Early American design and three-side fireview more resembles a piece of fine furniture then a gas stove.

Despite its size, the Northfield boasts an incredibly large fire-viewing – which highlights the realistic dancing-flame fire from any angle in the room.   

From high to low, The Northfield has fantastic control over the amount of heat produced.

The Northfield can be installed as a top or rear vent stove and can have close clearances to adjoining walls - so you can literally install it anywhere within    your home.     


Lopi Berkshire GreenSmart Gas Stove



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Avalon Gas Stoves


Avalon Tree of Life
Inspired by a love of nature, the Tree of Life’s delicate branch and leaf design is  reminiscent of the natural arches of the trees and branches interlocking.

Many of us commune with trees and nature,spending time in the outdoors to feel connected, refreshed and inspired.

Now you can capture that same feeling in the warth of your home.

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Also availble with Green Smart Technology
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Wood Stoves
Some of our most Popular Wood Stoves -
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Accessory: Draw Collars for Wood Stoves

America's Favorite Fire - Lopi wood have been America's favorite choice in fire for over thirty years. Their reputation for solid craftsmanship, reliable performance and unbeatable heating efficiency has been an appealing combination year after year, and the favorite fire of families throughout the nation.  American made, Lopi heating appliances are designed and hand-assembled at the state-of-the-art plant in Mukilteo, Washington. Each stove comes with a seven year warranty.

Lopi stands behind every single product they make, so they put it in writing. The company has learned and grown with every stove they have built over the years but one thing that hasn't changed is the beauty of the stoves and inserts, performance you can trust and our commitment to your satisfaction.  Whether you are new to the family of Lopi heating products or already a part of the family, we invite youto take a look at the newest line of wood stoves and inserts. We know you'll find your favorite fire.

Endeavor Stove With Cooktop Surface



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Liberty Stove with Cook Surface
The Liberty™ is the largest stove made by Lopi, as well as the cleanestburning large stove ever approved by the EPA. The Liberty has the largest firebox of any big stove, which accepts up to 24 inch logs. It has a single control to adjust air flow, making it easy to achieve burn times as long as 12 hours.

The Liberty’s step-top design is charming yet functional, it can be used as cooking and warming surfaces as well as radiant and convective heat. The firebox window is extra-large, allowing you to fully appreciate the captivating  fire inside. Installation of The Liberty is more cost efficient as it uses a 6" diameter flue, compared with the  8" flue required by other large wood stoves. The Liberty is approved for Hearth Stove, Alcove and Mobile Home installations.

Lopi Leyden Wood Stove


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Avalon Wood Stoves




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Lexington Forge Woods Stoves
The wood burning steel stove adds warmth and elegance to any decor. Designed with the latest wood burning technology, this stove proves to be an efficient heat source and is easily installed into almost any room. A high-tech combustion system provides a lively vibrant burn. Traditional styling combined with the warmth and ambiance of a fire make the Lexington Forge® wood burning stove a valued addition to your home. Our designers and craftsman have meticulously scrutinized every detail to ensure that you receive the finest stove built today.

The Savannah Steel Series


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Pellet / Multi Fuel Stoves
Some of our most Popular Pellet/ Multi Fuel Stoves
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Cumberland is a multi fuel stove that burns corn or pellets.
A good alternative to burning wood.

"I have been very happy with my purchase. I spent some time comparing stoves and chose the Cumberland because it promised to do a better job of efficiently burning the fuel. As advertised, it produces much less ash compared to others I have looked at in its price range and that efficiency is going to save me more money the longer I use it."
- Scott, West Michigan

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Coal Stoves

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Non Electric for a dependable emegency heat source.

Saey 92 Hannover


Leisure Line


Tired of being cold, thermostat set at 60, sweatshirt, sweatpants, just to be able to pay the heating bill.  Get real!! I work to hard to give my paycheck to the multi-billion dollar utilities.  It's time to look at a Leisure Line Coal Stoker.  Making heat the affordable way.  The people at Leisure Line use the products they sell.  We have ten (10) different models to choose from, ranging from 40,000 BTUs to 180,000 BTUs--thermostat controlled or manual controlled, big or small.

Leisure Line Coal stokers make saving money on home heating easy.  With our stokers, making heat with inexpensive anthracite coal is synonymous with Leisure Line.  Nothing compares to the warmth you feel from our coal stoves.  Coal burning is clean and easy with Leisure Line.

Our coal stokers are self-contained with no need to rake or shake down the stove because they are fully automatic. No dust or ash to contend with since it is all contained within the stove. Rice coal can be purchased dust free with an oil solution that is sprayed on at the coal breaker



Electric Stoves
Some of our most Popular Gas Stoves -
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